The fashion item that some have and everyone wants is the basic definition of a cult favorite. At times, said item might be in short supply, and it’s ofttimes designer, but certainly not always. Typically, these popular items have their moment in the sun and then they fade away, and other cult items swoop in to capture our attention. But sometimes, cult-favorite fashion items stick around—and for a very long time.

As you know, one of the main initial deciders of a cult fashion item is celebrities, with their enviable wardrobes and sizable influence. A celebrity wearing a thing basically validates its “coolness” and gives it all the media attention a brand could possibly wish for. Below, I’ve highlighted 10 items that celebrities (and everyone else) embraced years ago and that are still popular today. Cult items that have this kind of longevity are special and rare. If you want to put your shopping budget to good use and invest in something that will still be cool for the foreseeable future, these cult favorites are valid contenders. Read on to see and shop.

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