While it would be nice to have endless amounts of money to spend on clothes, the majority of us have a designated budget to work with. Having a fashion budget is important for not only keeping your finances under control but it also helps with making strategic, well thought out purchases that have longevity. The impulse buy is the enemy of any fashion budget, as it often results in purchases that might seem like a great idea at the time, but aren’t really all that considered. The result? Wasted money, and a closet full of far too many things that just gather dust. So, if you want to get your budget back in the black, here’s how to make smart shopping decisions.

Have a list

I always have a list I add to of things I’ve noticed I need to buy, whether they are gaps in my closet, more expensive designer things that have to be planned and saved for or just things that may need replacing, or trend updates that I need to factor in to my shopping. Having a list is so important for avoiding shopping blowouts or buyer’s remorse. If I have written down a list of things I need, I always do my utmost to stick to it, and don’t tend to go wayward into unplanned territory.

Keep your closet organised

If your closet is a disaster zone it’s going to be hard to remain on top of things and keep track of what you’re actually wearing, what the gaps are and what you really genuinely need. Also, if you aren’t able to easily keep track of your clothes and accessories, you’ll often find yourself doubling up unnecessarily and that’s when you end up wasting money. Organising your closet is one of the easiest things you can do to save cash in the long run.

Borrow event clothes

If you’re going to an event, consider borrowing from one of the number of companies that lend event clothing out for a fee. You’ll often find up-to-the-minute designs from top brands, but renting means you don’t end up having to fork out a lot of money for something that may or may not just end up being worn once.

Don’t buy just because it’s on sale

Yes, you may be technically saving money but there are times that buying things during sale time can result in purchases that are questionable. I always find that I will ask myself if I would buy something full price. If the answer is no, then why do I want to buy it just because the price has been reduced? By not wanting to buy it for its original cost, it’s highly likely it wasn’t going to work in my closet to begin with.

Spend more, buy less often

This is where I do my sales pitch for investment purchases. I think investing in quality from the very start means you won’t end up having to do repeat purchases down the track. So for example, instead of buying a cheap-ish black bag, which with enough use will likely show wear and tear quite easily, or worse, break, I think you’re better off saving until you can buy something of a really great quality which has longevity. Because really, having to replace certain things time and time again, can end up costing you more.

What are some of your favourite ways to make your fashion budget stretch further?

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